Outdoor dog baths - muddy dogs that need cleaning.

From Stinky to Fresh: The Power of the Outdoor Bath for Dogs

We’ve all been there – your dog comes in from playing outside and they stink to high heaven. Your first reaction is to probably stick them in the bathtub, which means you then have to deal with the wet dog smell in your bathroom. If you’re fed up with the mess and odour this creates, carry on reading to find out why outdoor dog baths are the way to go.

Five Benefits of Outdoor Dog Baths

They are specifically designed for dogs

A human bathtub can be overwhelming for small dogs, so choosing an outdoor dog bath that is a suitable size could help them feel more relaxed and at ease. Plus, having to bend over your bathtub to clean your pet can be uncomfortable for you.

In addition, outdoor dog bath tubs are portable, so you can set yours up in a location that suits both of you. They can easily be placed near a hose so you can easily spray your dog down.

They don’t take up space in the house

An outdoor dog bath can be kept outside, so there’s no need for it to take up room in your home. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, there is an outdoor bath for every dog and every budget.

It helps keep your house cleaner

We all know how messy our furry friends can get, especially after a long day of playing outside. But did you know that giving your dog an outdoor bath can do wonders for keeping your house clean?

That’s right – the power of the outdoor bath is not to be underestimated! Not only will it help keep your dog’s fur clean and free of dirt, but it will also help to keep your house looking and smelling fresh.

It helps relax and de-stress your dog

Outdoor baths are also great for dogs who don’t like taking baths indoors. If your pooch is sensitive and doesn’t like the pressure of the water from your shower or being cooped up in the bathroom, an outdoor bath may be just what they need to finally get clean.

It keeps your dog clean and healthy

Regular baths can help to prevent skin problems and infections, while also removing any unwanted pests from their fur. If giving your dog a bath outside is what you need to do to ensure they stay clean and fresh, then this is the way to go.

Outdoor baths are also a great way to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. A cool, refreshing bath can help to lower their body temperature and keep them comfortable on hot days.

How to Give Your Dog an Outdoor Bath

Here’s how you can give your dog a bath and get them smelling fresh again:

– First, you need to find the perfect spot to set up your dog bath. Ideally, you’ll want this to be close to a hose/outdoor tap supplied by both hot and cold water, and a drain.

– Once your bath is set up, get your dog inside and rinse them down with the hose. When they’re wet, lather them up with dog shampoo (be sure to avoid their eyes and ears).

– Now, rinse your dog thoroughly. You may need to rinse them down a few times to make sure all the soap is gone.

– Towel dry your dog off as much as possible, then let them air dry the rest.

– Our bathtubs are available with a drainage system, so it’s easy to drain the water from the dog bathtub quickly.

Can Outdoor Dog Baths be used all year round?

Yes – if you have both a hot and cold water supply set up outdoors. In the winter months you can use warm water and the summer months cold, helping to cool them off. They’re particularly useful in the cold, wet and muddy winter months, as they help to keep your dog happy and house clean.

If you have a patio or yard, that’s the perfect spot to set up a little dog-washing station. If not, any outdoor space will do, including a driveway.

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