As any dog owner will know, it’s important to know how to bathe your dog properly, to keep them clean. As well as making your dog feel comfortable, bathing them in a dog bath tub can also prevent some health issues from developing and will help to keep your property and furniture clean.

Listed below are several of our top tips for bathing your dog at home.

How often should you bathe your dog?

Many people are unsure of how often their dog should be bathed – this is something that will differ depending on the breed of dog, the coat they have and how dirty they get regularly. It’s recommended that your dog is bathed no more than once a month, as bathing them too much can strip the natural oils from their skin and coat, which help to keep them healthy. They certainly should not be bathed more than once a week (unless your dog gets particularly dirty).

If your dog gets muddy or dirty then they should be bathed straight away, ensuring that dirt does not end up getting trailed around your home. Dogs with smooth coats tend not to need to be bathed as frequently as dogs with hair-like coats – if you are unsure about how often to bathe your dog, make sure you contact a local groomer or vet for more information.

Tools you will need for bathing your dog at home – Shampoo, dog bath tub and more.

There are several tools you will need to correctly bathe your dog at home. Every dog owner should have a brush that is suitable for the type of coat their dog has so that you can brush its fur both before and after it is bathed – this will make your dog’s coat look great, and can also remove any matted hair or knots that may occur. It’s important to use dog shampoo when bathing your dog, as it’s specially designed for dogs – human shampoo may irritate their skin, and is not specifically designed to be used on dogs. Dog conditioner is optional, but can be used to make their coat feel very soft and may help to untangle knotted fur, with conditioner also helping to moisturise your dog’s skin.

Make sure you have a towel on hand to dry your dog off thoroughly after bathing them. In terms of the bath used, you can use your bathtub if you have one, however, this may not be as suitable as using a bath specifically designed for bathing dogs. Dog baths are specifically designed to be used for dogs, meaning they will be much more comfortable when being used by both the dog and the owner, with most dog bathtubs now containing drainage systems to empty the water. Most dog baths are designed to be used for many years, making them fairly cost-effective for the owner too. By using an outdoor dog bath tub like this, you can bathe your dog before bringing them inside, meaning there is no risk of your house getting dirty after taking your dog on a muddy walk.

Tips for bathing your dog

Before bathing your dog, make sure you brush their fur thoroughly to remove excess fur and detangle any matted fur. You should then apply the shampoo, making a good lather that penetrates through to the skin. Use your fingers to lather the shampoo, and don’t forget to pay attention to the tail, paws, stomach and armpits as well, although the face should be avoided. You should then rinse your dog thoroughly to make sure all the shampoo is removed – conditioner can then be used, but make sure this is completely rinsed out afterwards too.

The dog can then be dried off with a towel – some people like to blow dry their dogs, but using a towel should be the first step – the rest of the fur can be air-dried afterwards instead. Once your dog is dry, you should then brush their fur again to remove any extra dead fur and detangle their coat.