There is little question that a well-designed and well-looked-after garden is something all homeowners value. It not only changes the whole feel around your property but can also affect how pleasurable your garden is to use. A well-maintained garden can also add extra outdoor space to your property and act almost like an additional room. Of course, the secret is creating an outdoor area which delivers these benefits. One good tip is focusing on installing key visual features that add interest to the space. A garden pond is a popular way of doing this because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to fit. Installing a garden pond also comes with many other benefits to consider. But what are they?

1. Garden ponds are relaxing and good for your well-being

One of the main benefits of garden ponds is the positive impact they have on your well-being and how good they are for you. Much of this is down to the relaxing atmosphere water brings to any garden. The sound of water helps us to feel more chilled out and can be great for unwinding after a busy day. In addition, many people also simply feel more relaxed and less stressed when next to water. All this means installing a garden pond can do wonders for your state of mind and outlook on life.

2. Ponds bring more wildlife into your garden

Another top benefit of ponds for UK homeowners is how they encourage more wildlife into your garden. This is because ponds are a fabulous natural habitat for things like frogs, toads, birds and newts. But why is this the case? Garden ponds are excellent water and food sources for wildlife like this – plus a great place for them to breed or live. This means installing your own pond will act like a beacon to local wildlife.

3. Ponds boost your property value

Another major advantage ponds offer is the positive effect they can have on your property’s value. Although you might not be thinking of selling currently, they can help you get more for your house if you do in future. This simply comes down to ponds making any garden look more appealing and the cost of installing the pond enabling you to ask more for your home. Properties with nice gardens are always in high demand from buyers and this also explains why installing a pond can increase your selling price.

4. Ideal for fish lovers

It is also true to say that installing a pond is something that fish lovers will get a real buzz from. If you have always dreamed of becoming a fish owner, it is a perfect choice. Filling your own pond with something like koi carp is not only exciting but also very satisfying. You will also get a real kick from looking after them and find it very rewarding to see them flourish over time.

5. Moderate temperatures with a garden pond

The benefits of garden ponds are numerous and this is one that many people highlight. In simple terms, a garden pond has a thermal mass which gradually adjusts to changing temperatures. After warming up in the sun all day, pond water will cool off slowly as night draws in and remain warm for an extended period. This in turn moderates the temperature in your garden and helps wildlife thrive.

6. Garden ponds can light your garden up

If you are thinking of installing a garden pond, this is one last major plus point to consider. As ponds are reflective, they help to throw sunlight around your outdoor space. This is great for darker gardens or areas which do not see a lot of sun. A good tip is installing your pond in a sunny spot and then watching as it spreads light around other parts of your garden.

Create your own garden pond with Ponds4Fish

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