Duck Pond Design

Keen to enjoy the sight of ducks in your garden? Then why not build a duck pond and attract these beautiful birds into your outdoor space? It’s surprisingly easy to build your own duck pond, particularly with pre-formed liners to make the job as quick, easy and successful as possible. Here’s a good approach to take:

1. How to build a duck pond – Plan it like a project

A duck pond requires some thought and planning. Firstly, ask yourself how much money you’re prepared to spend on it, and how much time you want to invest in it. Consider too whether you’re capable of digging enough earth out to place your pond. It’s going to take around 70 or more hours for 2-3 people to build a sizeable 5,000-litre pond in your garden. So you may find it better to hire some additional help. It’s better to spend a bit of time planning your resources and labour now, rather than jumping straight in and then giving up halfway!

2. Find the right place for your pond

Identify the perfect spot to build your duck pond – away from overhanging trees, busy traffic and ideally somewhere with visibility from your home so you can enjoy the sight of frolicking birds! Cover the area around the proposed site with woodchips and mulch. This will prevent the surrounding areas from becoming wet and muddy.

3. Sketch out your duck pond and plan its construction

How deep and large do you want your pond? How do you plan to filter it? Waterfalls or bubbles are effective and they look and sound great too. You might want to buy a pre-formed pond liner for total ease of planning and installation.

4. Outline the area

Use string to create the pond outline once you’ve sketched its dimensions. Follow the measurements of the draft plan carefully.

5. Get digging!

You’ll need to start shovelling out the area now. Dig deep enough to accommodate a two-tier pond for each duck access and stick to the planned depth of your pond carefully, as you don’t want an excessive lip protruding around the edge. Keep the dirt to the side and level out the hole so that the top tip is balanced. This is important as ducks can struggle to access a wonky pond. If one lip does overly protrude, then consider using clay as a leveller.

6. Get your pre-formed liner in

Your pre-formed liner simply slots into the available space! If you’ve dug it according to your plan, the pond liner should fit in easily.

7. Get your filter in place

Add rocks onto each of the two layers in the pond, with a free area for your filter. A biofilter is a healthy choice and most are easy to install. Test that it’s working before you do anything else.

8. Have fun decorating

Once your pond liner, access rocks and filtration system are in place, fill the pond with water – ideally from an existing natural water reservoir source, such as a water butt. You can top it up with water from your hose and let the filter do its work. Add oxygenating plants which will help to keep the water happy and healthy, and let the pond create its own natural ecosystem too. You’ll probably find that it attracts far more beautiful wildlife than just ducks!

Once your pond is ready, invite your flock in or wait for visitors to get comfortable. You’ll usually find that your pond starts to receive interest in just a few weeks as it begins to become its own settled water ecosystem. Enjoy the results of your hard work!

Ready to build a duck pond?

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