Gardens are a major feature of most properties and spaces which give us somewhere to unwind, away from the worries of the world. While they can contain many fine features, ponds are something which can transform any outdoor space. This sees many homeowners choosing to create their own pond now with preformed garden pond liners. These liners are not only tough and long-lasting but easy to use and visually appealing.

Of course, it pays to know what you are doing first before heading outside to start work. Our easy step by step guide has all you need to get going and create the pond of your dreams.

Choose the location

Before you can start setting up your garden pond, you need to carefully choose where to place it first. This is a crucial step for a few different reasons. Firstly, it will mean your pond is created in the most suitable spot in your garden. Secondly, it will save a lot of wasted time and effort compared to digging out a location which you then find unsuitable!

But what should you think about? Size is naturally key because the spot you choose should be big enough for your design. You should also consider if there is enough space for people to safely walk around/past it and that it occupies a location which enhances the overall look of your garden.

Choose what will go into your pond

As well as where your new garden pond will be, you should also think about what will go into it. If you simply plan to leave it as an expanse of water to look at, then there is not much else to consider. If you fancy putting plants or fish into it though, you should start to think about which types/how many you will choose. This can depend on the size of your pond and also which plants/fish are most suitable for it.

Digging out for your preformed pond liner

The next step is to dig it out. Digging one of our preformed pond liners into the ground will help stop the water from freezing in winter and evaporating in summer. It is essential to get help with this step if the physical nature of the work is too much for you and also have the correct tools to hand. The two most useful are a spade and a wheelbarrow but for the biggest pond sizes you may want to consider hiring a digger!

Before you start digging, remember to mark out not only the shape of the pond but also its dimensions. This will ensure you get not only the correct shape but also the right size. If you do not get the size totally spot-on, do not worry too much. One big advantage with using preformed garden pond liners is that you can backfill soil around them once in place, should they not fit quite right.

Plan out any electrics required for your pond

Many people are surprised to find that they could need some electrical kit in their new pond. This is often true though, especially if you plan to have fish or plants living in it. In simple terms, electric equipment such as pumps or aerators help to keep the water clean for them to exist in. This means you must look into whether you need this sort of kit and plan out how you will install it. Once you have this information, you can order it up and have it ready to fit when the preformed liner goes in as below. Whilst the pond pumps and equipment can be fairly easy to install yourself – you’ll need to consult a qualified electrician to install any new power supplies you might require!

Install the preformed pond liner

The next step to creating your new garden pond is installing your preformed garden pond liner. Many people choose this type of lining now due to its durability, value for money, ease of use and appealing looks. Once you have your preformed liner to fit in the hole, it is simply a case of placing it in and filling it with the required amount of water (depending on the size of your liner). After this is done, you can then think about putting in any fish or plants you have brought for it.

Setting up a garden pond with preformed garden pond liners

Garden ponds add that bit of extra magic to any garden and can really help it come alive. Knowing how to create one properly is essential though and there is no doubt that using preformed pond liners is the best choice for many. If you need top-quality and great value preformed liners, order online with Ponds4Fish today or contact us for more help. In the meantime, why not take  some inspiration from our pond design gallery – a great one to look at is Steve Grayson’s pond design. He used one of our 3500 litre preformed pond liners and there are lots of great images showing the process from start to finish!