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Our ‘Built to Last’ Fish Ponds

At Ponds4Fish we offer a wide range of garden ponds and tanks to suit almost any garden and budget. We have a large selection of sizes and shapes to accommodate your fish or wildlife pond needs. We are also happy to help with any garden pond questions about our range of garden pond products, so please just get in touch.

Aquaponic Mini System

A smart blend of aesthetics and practicality. This system combines the charm of Koi fish with a productive vegetable garden, giving you a fuss-free way to enjoy fresh produce.

Efficient Filtration: Our advanced filtration tech keeps Koi water clean and nutrient-rich for your plants, replacing the need for traditional filters.

Abundant Plant Growth: Grow organic vegetables and herbs effortlessly as they thrive on the nutrients from the Koi pond water.

Easy Maintenance: Enjoy the benefits of gardening without the hassle. This low-maintenance system practically takes care of itself.

Relaxing and Educational: Observe the balance between aquatic and plant life, creating a calming atmosphere and a learning opportunity.

Sustainability: Reduce water wastage and skip synthetic fertilizers for a greener way of living.

Strong & Durable

All the garden ponds and commercial tanks that we manufacture and supply are suitable for residential, industrial, commercial and farming use. With an average thickness between 3-5mm our mouldings are far stronger than regular flimsy pond liners.

Need Inspiration?

Here we’re proud to share some of the pond designs customers have created using our pond liners. If you have bought a pond liner from us and would like to share your pond project with us please email with pictures of your pond design and any details of the various stages of building would be greatly appreciated.

Dog Hydrotherapy Pool Round 1800 litres

Large ponds delivered Free!

Ponds over 330L are delivered free within 200 miles