About Us

Our Mission

We strive to provide the best in aquaculture by designing and manufacturing innovative plastic garden pond and pet products with a reduced carbon footprint, inspiring aquaculture at every level, from patio ponds to commercial fisheries. Our aim is to provide high quality, easy to install products using recycled plastics and FSC certified timber, alongside solar powered pond filters – all delivered direct, with planned deliveries that allow us to minimise journeys, reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Story

Established in 1985, Ponds4Fish has been supplying high quality, long-lasting ponds around the UK for nearly 40 years.

The company was taken over by our Managing Director, Chris, in 2006, was re-branded as Ponds4Fish and we’ve since gone from strength-to-strength. We started our operation in Radcliffe, Lancashire and more recently moved to our new facility, in Bury, just a short drive away. This has enabled us to expand operations and update our facilities, bringing you high quality rigid ponds liners, at the best prices we can.

Our Products

Our range of products are designed and manufactured with three key things in mind – quality, durability and their eco-credentials. We only use the highest quality recycled plastics, have a stringent QC process and their durability is proven with our 25 year gurantee.

We offer a wide range of pre-formed pond liners, garden pond kits and pet products – including dog baths, duck ponds and more.

You can discover more and shop the full range of our products here.

The Management Team

Chris Mason

Chris is the managing director of the company and our head innovator, he has spent 40 years as a highly skilled Engineer; manufacturing injection moulded goods for many major UK companies. Constantly seeking innovative solutions, Chris has dedicated much of the last 10 years to creating new pond designs and working on our latest projects; making progress at every stage of the process through determination and commitment.

Katy Mason

Katy is one of our directors here at Ponds4Fish and a corporate coach by profession, having worked with clients at all levels in the sales & customer service sectors. She has worked for many large corporations including O2, Tesco Mobile, Telefonica and more. Katy heads up our supplier and client relationships and leads with presentations of our products and systems to potential clients.

Elliot Booth

Elliot is our head of manufacturing, working in product he has developed and fabricated steel mould tools for over 5 years. He specialises in manufacturing and knows the operation inside out. He runs the manufacturing facility on a day-to-day basis, creating all our or recycled plastic pond liners.

Josh Coulson

Josh joined the Ponds4Fish team as a marketing consultant earlier this year supporting the re-branding of the business, managing the re-development of the website and working alongside Chris to develop the company’s marketing strategy. Josh works with us on all things marketing – from website maintenance and development, to social media planning and execution.

Why choose Ponds4Fish?

UK Made

When you buy one of our rigid fish ponds, you are supporting UK business. Our pond materials are UK sourced and we manufacture at our facility in Bury, Lancashire. Our drivers then deliver your ponds direct to your door.


Our ponds are manufactured from 100% recycled materials, and our wooden pond kits are all made from FSC certified wood. We also deliver our larger pond products direct – allowing us to pre-plan our routes which reduces the carbon footprint of deliveries.

High Quality

We only use the highest quality recycled plastic to manufacture our ponds and each pond is quality checked before it leaves our warehouse. The thick plastic moulding ensures that you have a high quality, durable product that guaranteed to last a lifetime.


All of plastic pond products are backed by a 25 year lifetime guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your pond will last a lifetime and ensuring no leaks – like some other liners on the market.

Need Inspiration?

Here we’re proud to share some of the pond designs customers have created using our pond liners. If you have bought a pond liner from us and would like to share your pond project with us please email sales@ponds4fish.co.uk with pictures of your pond design and any details of the various stages of building would be greatly appreciated.

Dog Hydrotherapy Pool Round 1800 litres

Large ponds delivered Free!

Ponds over 330L are delivered free within 200 miles