Wooden Raised Koi Pond

We was contacted by Mrs Banton in February 2013 having seen our new wooden pond surrounds. We manufactured and supplied a large 98 x 33 pond liner (3500 litre preformed pond liner) with a fountain pump. We asked that they make sure the base where the pond was to be installed was made level and on firm surface. If it was not then when filled it is likely there would be too much pressure on one side of and in time it will cause damage to the liner.

Taking 2 days to install and commission we were left feeling very happy with the results. Please scroll through 15 photos taken for this job, it shows how easy it is to assemble the parts.

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Maureen & Tom purchased polystyrene insulation to go under the pond and between the liner and wooden surround. The insulation is cut to the right size and gaps are left for pipework to fit through.

Firstly it was made sure the ground is firm and raked level ready for installation.

A hole is cut in the liner where the bottom drain installed which then leads to a T piece which will attach to pipework leading to the filtration system.

You can see the pipework poking out this leads to the filtration system which is stashed away in the chunky chair.

The bottom drain is raised up and the pump sits on top which gives it the height needed so the fountain pokes out the water.

This wooden pond design really beautifies your garden. Nice work!

This kit is available to purchase here

Mark Seymour - Koi Pond Design
Paul Miller Raised Koi Pond DesignPaul Miller Raised Koi Pond Design