My husband made the housing for the filter box from some fencing panelling and offcuts of timber, and the whole thing looks as if it’s been a permanent feature for a long time. As we have occasional herons and cats visit the garden, the expanding trellis fits the bill when we are not about and is easy to remove; a temporary solution until I can come up with a more permanent one. I love my new patio pond and have spent many relaxing hours since setting it up just sitting and watching the fish; the fish seem to be completely at home as well

Here are some photos showing various stages of my pond project, unfortunately I didn’t take any of the construction process.

Patio Pond available here:

Paul Miller Raised Koi Pond DesignPaul Miller Raised Koi Pond Design
Raised Koi Pond DesignRichard Clover, Acle, Norwich - Raised Koi Pond Design