Rectangular Preformed Fish Pond Liner

Rectangular Preformed Fish Pond LinerRectanguar preformed fish pond liner. If used above ground we recommend using wooden tanalised timber framework to help maintain rectangular shape. Then they can simply be put on a firm level surface and filled with water. Manufactured from recycled black high density polypropelene plastic. Are extremely strong and have a 6mm wall section. They are smooth on the inside making them easy to clean. 10 times stronger than a conventional pond liner. Rectangular preformed fish pond liner will enhance your garden. They are easy to install and can be part buried in the ground.  We have a complete garden pond kits available and below you’ll find our range. We recommend using solar powered pond pumps to help keep the water aireated healthly when the sun shines by using solar powered pond system has carbon negative effect. When designing your garden pond project consider using our rectanguar preformed fish pond liner. There are many uses from a simple wildlife pond, duck pond, raised koi pond and garden fish pond.

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