Round Koi Pond 1500 litres 357 Gallons

Round Koi Pond 1500 litres 357 Gallons


Round Koi Pond 1500 litres (357 gallons) Diameter = 183 cm (72″)Depth = 69 cm (27″) Weighs 30 kg

Freestanding Raised Round Koi Pond

Easy to install , Designed to fit through a doorway.

Includes FREE DELIVERY to UK mainland. Please allow 2-3 weeks.




Round Koi Pond  1500 litres 357 gallons

Round Koi Pond 1500 Litre 357 gallon raised round pond liner. It is a one piece freestanding preformed round pond 6mm wall section with maximum dimensions  72″ (183 cm) diameter and 27″ (69 cm) deep. The top lip adds strengh measuring 3″ (7.5 cm) wide. Internal dimensions at the top are 66″ (153 cm) x 27″ (69 cm) deep giving a volume of 357 Gallons (1500 litres). Tapers from top to bottom at 5 degrees inclusive. Weight when empty 30 kgs.

To reduce our carbon footprint we are using recycled black high density polypropylene plastic to manufacture our plastic rigid pond liners. They are extremely strong have a 6mm wall section. Smooth on the inside making them easy to clean and 10 times stronger than a conventional pond liner. Designed to last a lifetime. The liner can be out in all weather conditions down as low as – 40 degrees  C and will not crack. Please ensure the pond is installed correctly by making sure the ground is flat.

Simple to Install

This round koi pond can fit through a doorway inside your house. Making it easy to install and can be used as raised free-standing pond, half raised or buried into the ground. Installing one of our liners supports and attracts diverse wildlife. We advise that if you keep the water filtered you can keep up to 2 koi carp but no more in this size pond. 2 koi carp may not seem like a lot but they can grow up to 24 inches and up to 36 inches for jumbo koi and they need plenty of room to thrive and grow. You are able to stock more goldfish or smaller fish just remember the general rule of thumb for keeping fish in your pond is to have 1 square foot surface area for every inch of fish.


Round Koi Pond with Black box filtration system


If you are looking at keeping fish in this size liner we suggest adding the black box filtration system. This system includes all the components to keep your pond water quality to a standard that will ensure your fish stay healthy. Included in this system is the 1500 Litre Round Rigid Pond Liner, a pond pump with 2000 litre per hour flow and attractive fountain feature, a mega black box with 11w UV,  2 metres of 20mm flexible pipe and hose clip to ensure the flexible pipe is secure. Setup is straightforward, the pond pump sits at the bottom of the pond with the fountain feature poking out the water. The flexible pipe then attaches to the pump which goes to the black box filter connect via a stepped hose connector and then the water trickles out of the black box filter back into pond.



Contact us via product enquiry if you require any extra information.


Delivered from our factory to your door and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Make life easy for yourself and order a flat pack pond. All our designs make it easy to move around and install with minimum effort. Just add water and turn on the pumps to test the tank. Then add one small fish at a time 100mm long (4 inch) in week 1 and then another in week 2 and so on.

Expected delivery time of between 2 and 3 weeks. Other orders in your nearby area may speed up this process significantly.

Price quoted includes all Costs and Delivery to UK mainland.

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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 183 × 183 × 69 cm


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