Solar Powered Water Feature (150L)

Solar Powered Water Feature (150L)


Rectangular pond 150 litres weighs 5 kg 120 cm long x 60 cm wide 30 cm deep.

Solar powered burbling pump 150 litres per hour with solar panel.

Easy to install and maintain.

Free delivery using Parcelforce please allow 1 week for delivery.

When the sun shines you will enjoy the sound of water trickling in the pond.



Solar Powered Water Feature Pond (150L)

Solar power water feature is a brilliant way to save money and help the environment. This is why we have introduced a solar-powered pond. A pond that can be set up and powered by solar panels. This simple kit is made up of one of our preformed pond liners and a solar powered pond pump. Place your pump in your pond and place the panels in a suitable place close by and in direct sunlight. The panels absorb the sun making the motor run in the pump providing your pump with adequate filtration.


The pond liner

The liner used measures up at 48″ (122 cm) long, 24″ (61 cm) wide, 12″ (30 cm) deep and holds 33 Gallons (litres 149) of water. It weighs 5 kgs when empty. This pond is suitable for keeping a small number of small fish. We recommend an inch and a half in total length of fish for this pond. Do some research on the best types of fish to keep in smaller ponds. We recommend keeping the pond in the shade and the solar panel in direct sunlight. We suggest keeping the pond in shade as the liner will absorb the sun and heat the water making the water unsuitable for fish.

Please be advised this rectangular pond liner needs support which isn’t shown in the pictures or video. We advise you support the liner as without support over a long period of time the liner will misshapen. The solar powered pond looks best when it is dug into the ground however if you can’t do this try supporting with a wooden surround. You can use anything you like as long as it is supporting the sides and taking the pressure off.


The solar powered pond pump


Cable tie the pond pump to a brick (make sure the brick is clean so you don’t contaminate the pond water) so it sits firmly at the bottom of the pond and is at the perfect height for the fountain head to poke out of the water. Max flow of the pump is 180L/H. Solar panel size is 110mm x 110mm x 25mm. The pond pump needs maintenance just check once a month ideally more in autumn when more foliage falls. The bottom of the pump simply comes off and the filter which catches the waste just needs cleaning. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


Check out this solar powered pond running in the video below.



Expected delivery time of between 3-5 working days. Via DPD


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 122 × 61 × 30 cm
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