Round Pond Solar Fountain Pump 330 litres

Round Pond Solar Fountain Pump 330 litres


Round freestanding pond 330 litres weighs 10 kg 100 cm diameter x 50 cm deep.

Floating solar powered fountain pump 15o litres per hour.

Easy to Install.

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round pond solar foutain





Round Pond Solar Powered Fountain Pump Floating 350 litres per hour.

5V 3.5W solar water fountain pump: can be operated automatically under direct sunlight in just 3 seconds. It is equipped with a storage battery to store power. Even if it is cloudy, it can also work with water spray. The spray height is 60-80cm. No power or battery required. Easy installation. Just put the fountain in the water, the solar panels are irradiated by the sun, the fountain will automatically spray water within 3 seconds, no tools are required, and it is completely worry-free. Water level monitoring, when there is no water, the pump will automatically stop working to protect the motor, and the light sensor detection function: automatically stop working when the night is detected. Tips for use: Keep enough water and keep the water, the panel and the pump clean, to ensure that the panel does not have shadows or block the pump. The stronger the sun, the better the fountain effect.

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