Raised Garden Pond Kit 2100 litre

Raised Garden Pond Kit 2100 litre


Pond volume = 472 gallons (2147 litres)

Length = 182 cm (72″)

Width = 122 cm (48″)

Depth = 122 cm (48″)

Weight 45 kg

Free delivery using our own transport please allow 2 to 3 weeks.

2100 Litre Pond Kit with a good filtration system maximizing the amount of fish you can stock in this size pond.


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Raised Garden Pond Kit 2100 litres


Here customers can view our 2100 Litre Raised Garden Pond Kit. This kit is easy to setup and allows for more fish to be kept thanks to the filtration. Included in this pond kit is;


2100 litre rectangular pond liner

Mega Black box filter with 11watt uv

SES-20 Air Pump, 4 air stones and 8 metres of clear tubing

Weatherproof 3 way switch (Requires electrical knowledge to install)

1000 Litre Pond Pump

4 metres 32mm flexible hose

4 metres 38mm flexible hose

Stepped hose tail end

 2 inch to 1.5inch reducer

3 Clips hose clips


Stocking Guidance


With the mega black box filtration system keeping the water well filtered and the SES-20 air pump providing

good oxygen levels this pond kit maximizes the amount of fish you can stock in this size pond. We advice you can stock around 8 koi (bearing in mind how big they can grow).

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However, we have a large selection of sizes and shapes to accommodate your fish or wildlife pond needs.

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Large pond liners have a 2-3 weeks delivery time. However, sometimes this can take a little longer. Please note that if you are over 200 miles away delivery could be longer. Being a small local business we deliver the ponds we have manufactured ourselves and require a few orders in nearby areas to deliver. This means that when you order we may be already due for delivery in your area in the next few days or we may have just been in your area a few days before so it could be another 3 weeks till we are next in the area. If you are concerned about when you may receive your order just contact us and we will be happy to give you some advice.

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