Wooden Pond Kits

Wooden pond kits will brighten up your garden patio by adding a raised wooden fishpond.Our wooden pond kits have a timber surround using only the products that are identified as such in the description are FSC® certified. When you insulate your pond using wooden timber surround, the water in the pond is not heated by the sun and kept warm in the winter. Creating the best environment for your fish to thrive.

To help reduce our carbon footprint we are now using recycled black high density polypropylene plastic to manufacture our plastic rigid pond liners. Are extremely strong and have a 6mm wall section. They are smooth on the inside making them easy to clean. 10 times stronger than a conventional pond liner. They will last a lifetime. We recommend using solar powered pond pumps to help keep the water aeriated healthy when the sun shines by using solar powered pond system has carbon negative effect. Installing a pond in your garden creates a biodiversity and in turn wildlife also thrives. The sound of a pond makes you happier.

Using our own transport we delivered to your door and helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Make life easy for yourself and order a flat pack pond. All our designs make it easy to move around and install with minimum effort. Just add water and turn on the pumps to test the tank. Then add one small fish at a time 100mm long (4 inch) in week 1 and then another in week 2 and so on.

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